independent third-party test results

Project No. 148
Test Report for the ARID Technologies Vapor Recovery Unit
installed in LANTANA, FL, continued

Prepared for: Arid Technologies, Inc.
Prepared By: Matus Technical Services, Inc.

6.0 Test Results

The one minute test results are presented in Appendices A, B and C includes: sample gas concentrations, inlet and outlet volume in standard cubic feet (SCF), inlet and outlet hydrocarbon mass in grams and milligrams respectively, and hydrocarbon recovery efficiency.

During the test program there were several times when gasoline vapors would be released to atmosphere and could not be quantified. Most of this occurred during tank filling operations. It can be assumed that more vapors were released from the tanks during tank filling operations when the tank had a greater backpressure in the tank. The greatest amount would be released when the tank had 3 inches of backpressure from the PV valve and the PERMEATOR® is not in operation. There was also leakage at the tank fill points in the beginning of the third day of testing which was also when the PERMEATOR® was not in operation. This leakage prevented the pressure in the tanks to build up to the level necessary to release the PV valve. After the tank fill points were tightened the pressure in the tanks did build up thus causing the PV valve to steadily release gasoline vapors.

Included in Appendix D is the gasoline dispensing activity.

Samples of the gasoline in the storage tanks were analyzed and the results are located in Appendix E.

Instrument calibration records and calibration gas certificates are included in Appendix F.


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