NOTES FOR LANTANA, FL VAPOR LEAK TEST SITE on February 16 and 17, 2005


FEBRUARY 16, 2005

  • Leak Detector Used: Bacharach: Sniffer 302: Combustible gas indicator, Part No. 51-7200, Pitt. PA.
    • Criteria: 10,000 ppm (part per million) methane (CH4) is approx 38 on our scale and is considered a "leak"
  • Results at 10:47 am on 16 Feb 2005
  • PREMIUM Storage Tank (T3): Liquid fill bucket: >100%; gross leak. Vapor return bucket, changed on 15 Feb 2005, seems tight
  • UNLEADED Storage Tank (T1): Vapor return bucket, >100%; Gross Leak
  • UNLEADED Storage Tank (T2 - second tank): seems tight, however Ted Tiberi (ARID Technologies) found ball bearings that leaked from the swivel adapter fitting at the bottom of the bucket. (Vapor bucket)

Gasoline RVP test to be conducted at Port Everglades Facility

  • 3, one quart samples of UNLEADED
  • 2, one quart samples of PREMIUM
  • Martin Costello, FL Department of Environmental Protection (DEP) delivered to lab
  • Mike Heffernan (ARID Technologies) provided gasoline samples
  • Samples were packed in a foam cooler and put on ice

Attempts were made on February 16th to Fix Vapor Leaks

  • Service contractor arrived and found T1 rotary adapter extremely loose - had to be rotated about 7-10 times to tighten (2:30 pm)
  • T3 liquid bucket: we added about 1 quart of gasoline to the bucket and contractor toggled the overfill drain bucket valve in an attempt to "wash out" any debris which may have found its way into the valve seat. We listened with our ear to the bucket and we were able to hear bubbles from a vapor leak down in the bucket. (2:50 pm) At 3:15 pm contractor departed; the bubble leak remained and sniffer showed readings from 30 to 58%. Contractor may be able to further investigate the problem in the morning.

Biases and Interferences:

  • V/L ratios <0.60 at three refueling points (Fueling points 9 and 11 while station was closed for business and Fueling point 6 while station was open for business)
  • Turbine two not functioning in T1 (only one turbine operational instead of two)
  • Leaky drain valve buckets (T1, T3)
  • Leaks were significantly magnified when pressure increased > +2.7 inches H2O
  • We manually relieved the pressure for 45 minutes (approximately 2:15 PM) during our attempt to fix T3 drain valve (this pressure depression is noticeable in pressure trace -Appendix 2, PERMEATOR ON VS PERMEATOR OFF)

FEBRUARY 17, 2005

  • Results at 7:45 am; T3: PREMIUM, liquid bucket is >100%; developed significant leak overnight
  • Observed & measured results will be biased low due to significant leak in T3: PREMIUM liquid bucket

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